Any complaints to be submitted will be thoroughly studied

1. Complaint Management Policy

There will be fair treatment to the person concerned and to any Person / Human Resources person to whom the complaint may be made.
Personal data protection as defined by the European Union and the relevant law will always be respected.
Complaints will be recorded and analyzed at regular intervals to identify and resolve problematic procedures and practices and to avoid repeated omissions.
The staff of the hotel will be continuously trained and will have direct access to the complaint management policy, always aiming at their effective management.
The Board of Directors, the Management and the Personnel recognize the right to complain and are committed to the objective of fair and effective resolution of problems that may arise from the services they offer.

2. Complaint Procedure

Wording of a complaint or point for improvement by residents, visitors and staff can be done:

  1. Verbally, during the provision of services to residents or other interested parties.
  2. By letter or relevant document, which the interested visitor can send directly to the hotel
  3. In writing during the staying of the person concerned at the hotel, where the  « Form for Complaints - Improvement
    Proposals » is placed in specific stands where everybody have access , completes them and then places the form folded in an envelope in the collection boxes
  4.  A complaint or a point of improvement may be formulated by a member of the staff, following the relevant Compliance / Corrective and Precautionary Action
  5. In addition, complaints to the hotel may be made indirectly through satisfaction questionnaires sent by interested parties in accordance with the Stakeholders' Satisfaction Measurement process, through HotelFeedback app.


3. Time to complaints handling

If the response to the complaint is not feasible, it will be investigated within the following time frames:

  1. Sending an acknowledgment of receipt within 2 working days of receipt.
  2. The complaint will be investigated within 15 business days and the response will then be sent.
  3. In individual cases where more time is needed for a thorough investigation, we will request an extension in writing. In the letter we will mention, in addition to the additional information we may need, the actions we have already taken and the actions that will be taken to complete the investigation so that the information is complete.

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